Auto sales in Vietnam down 10.7% in May

[ Vietnam ]

According to the Vietnam Automobile Manufacturers Association (VAMA) report issued on June 7, automobile sales (including non-VAMA manufactures) in Vietnam were down 10.7% year on year to 23,232 units in May.
CKD volume was 16,656 units, and CBU volume was 6,576 units.
VAMA members (20 manufactures) sales in May were down 3.2% to 21,829 units. VAMA members passenger car sales were up 5.4%, commercial vehicles were down 10.8%, and special purpose vehicles were down 24.9%.
By brand sales in May based on MarkLines Data Center figures, Truong Hai was down 17.1% to 6,123 units. Toyota (excluding Lexus) was up 20.4% to 5,151 units. Ford was up 5.8% to 2,451 units. VinaMazda was down 16.1% to 2,115 units. GM Vietnam was up 38.6% to 1,038 units.
In line with ASEAN Trade in Goods Agreement, Vietnam lowered the tariff on the CBU imports from ASEAN countries from 40% to 30% in January 2017.
YTD sales in Vietnam were down 1.4% to 109,903 units. YTD CKD sales were down 6.9%, while CBU sales were up 16.5%.

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