Mexican production up 17.3%, exports up 13.9% in May   [ Mexico ]

The Asociacion Mexicana de la Industria Automotriz (AMIA) released May 2017 figures on June 6.
Production of 327,832 light vehicles in May was up 17.3% from the 279,508 units produced in the same month last year.
Productions by manufacture are as follows: Nissan was up 16.2% to 81,028 units, GM was up 6.9% to 63,407 units, FCA was up 47.6% to 50,277 units, VW was up 27.4% to 41,825 units, and Ford was down 10.4% to 28,419 units.

Exports in May of 257,736 light vehicles showed an big increase of 13.9% compared to the number of vehicles exported last May.
Exports by manufactures are as follows: GM was up 22.1% to 55,027 units, FCA was up 47.9% to 44,749 units, Nissan was down 2.7% to 41,009 units, VW was up 21.7% to 36,499 units, and Ford was down 25.6% to 27,936 units.
The destination of first five month export volumes indicates that the majority of exports, 76.6%, went to the U.S. The North America region accounted for 85.1% of the total exports.

<Jun 07, 2017>