Electric / Autonomous

The target of publication is to update the data for every full model change and minor model change for the major EV (Battery electric vehicle), PHEV (Plug-in hybrid electric vehicle), FHEV (Full Hybrid Electric Vehicle), MHEV (Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle), and FCEV (Fuel cell electric vehicle) models.
Main posting items
  “EV Technology”: Drive motor (type, number, output, torque), Battery (type, capacity), Cruising range
  “Autonomous driving”: Collision avoidance / damage reduction, Visibility / blind spot assistance, Accelaration / Deceleration control, Steering control, Parking assistance, and Communications system
Autonomous driving technology is currently included in the major models on sale. The criteria of SAE autonomous driving levels are shown below.
  Level 0: The driver controls everything.
  Level 1: The system assists with either acceleration/deceleration or steering operations.
  Level 2: The system assists with both acceleration/deceleration and steering operations.
  Level 3: Under specific circumstances and when parking, it is the system's responsibility to automatically control acceleration/deceleration and steering operations.

In the "Refined Search" section, you can refine your search, for example,  by battery type and capacity, number of drive motors and output/torque, autonomous driving level, and safety/convenience features.

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