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Schwieberdinger Straße 126, 71636 Ludwigsburg, Germany

Business Overview

-The Company is a leading global expert for filtration solutions. It develops and manufactures air filters, oil filters, fuel filters, cabin filters, liquid filters, plastic components, intake systems and filter systems for the automotive industry and other markets.

-The Company is organized into two business segments as follows:

  • Transportation: The segment is comprised of the Original Equipment and Aftermarket business units. It provides air filter systems, liquid filter systems, intake systems and plastic components primarily for the automotive industry, while also serving the construction, agricultural, rail vehicles, ships and power engineering markets.
  • Life Science & Environment: The segment is divided into the Air Filtration and Water Solutions business units. The Air Filtration portfolio includes filters for indoor and outdoor spaces, clean rooms, industrial applications, and stationary and mobile air cleaners. The Water Solutions portfolio includes water and wastewater treatment solutions.

-In the fiscal year ended December 31, 2022, sales in Transportation segment generated approximately 91% of the Company’s total sales.


-The Company is a private, family-owned entity.


Air filter systems
-Cabin filters
-Air cleaner systems
-Combination filters with carbon layer
-Air cleaner systems with integrated acoustic measures
-Air cleaner systems with Flexline filter element
-Air cleaner systems with side ducts
-Air cleaner systems with oval filter element
-Air cleaner systems with plastic over molded fleece filter element
-Air cleaner systems with resonator
-Dual flow air cleaner systems
-Fine dust particle filter
-Charge air ducts with AgileJoint technology
-NOx fine dust combination filter
-Brake dust particulate filters
-Hydrocarbon adsorbers
-Bifunctional cabin air filters
-Nanofiber filters

Liquid filter systems
-Oil filters
-Oil filter modules with aluminum housing
-Oil filter modules with plastic housing
-Transmission oil filters
-Spin-on transmission oil filters
-Diesel fuel filters
-Gasoline fuel filters
-Modular fuel filter systems
-Inline fuel filters with plastic housing
-Fuel filter modules with sheet-metal housing
-Spin-on fuel filters
-Multilayer filter media
-Integrated oil-water-heat exchangers
-Integrated oil filter modules
-High performance fuel filters
-Suction-side transmission oil filters
-Pressure-side transmission oil filters
-Fuel pre-filters
-Urea filter modules
-Urea filter elements
-Crankcase ventilation systems
-Oil pressure switches
-Oil centrifuges
-Spin-on oil filters
-Fuel supply rails
-Oil mist separators
-Water separators
-Air/oil separators
-Coolant reservoirs
-Washer reservoirs
-Coolant expansion reservoirs
-Oil separators
-Control valves
-Sealing systems and components
-Fuel filter modules with three-stage water separation
-Fuel filter modules with half-moon sealing

Air intake systems
-Passive and active intake manifolds
-Air ducts
-Active charge air ducts
-Charge air ducts
-Clean air ducts
-Crankcase ventilation systems
-Air induction systems
-Heating pipes
-Intake modules
-Acoustic products
-Double resonance systems
-Active intake module with additional electric booster
-Intake air preheating boxes
-Intake manifolds with intelligent flap systems
-Control valves
-Design covers
-Rocker covers
-Intake manifolds with fully integrated charge air coolers
-Plug-in actuators for active intake manifolds

Electric vehicle components
-Plastic battery frames
-Air dryer cartridges
-Degassing units
-Ion exchange filters
-Cathode air filters
-Cathode air cleaners
-Cathode water separators
-Broad band silencers
-Flat membrane humidifiers
-Coolant particle filters
-Oil filter systems for e-axles and hybrid transmissions
-Oil drying cartridges
-Media distribution modules
-Safety filters
-Venting units
-Cooling air particle filters
-Coolant dryer cartridges
-Coolant reservoirs
-Cooling air module for 48 volt batteries


1941 Filterwerk Mann+Hummel GmbH founded in Ludwigsburg near Stuttgart, Germany, by Adolf Mann and Dr. Erich Hummel.
1942 Development of an air cleaner with a cyclone construction; both textile and felt filters; strainer disc filters; and a main-flow oil centrifuge.
1946 "Filap" was founded to produce industrial filters. Founded in Speyer.
1948 "Plant Engineering" Division founded (now Mann+Hummel ProTec GmbH)
1951 Development and start of filter production with paper fine-mesh filter elements for air and oil filtration.
1954 Start of construction of a second production plant in Ludwigsburg.
1958 Start of production of spin-on filters for oil (main and auxiliary flow).
1959 Start of cooperation with filter manufacturers in Argentina and Brazil (now: Mann+Hummel Argentina S.A., Buenos Aires; and Mann+Hummel Brasil Ltda., Indaiatuba).
1962 Purchase of a former pasta factory in Marklkofen, Bavaria, and conversion into third production plant in Germany.
1965 Filtros Mann S.A. founded in Zaragoza, Spain.
1967 Presentation at the Frankfurt Motor Show of air cleaner with radial inlet and integrated pre-separation ring (later named the "Mann Piclon").
1969 Purchase of another production plant in Ludwigsburg and expansion of the "Plant Engineering" Division (now Mann+Hummel ProTec GmbH).
First series orders for automobile air cleaners made of plastic.
First flat filter element for automobile air cleaners.
1970 Concentration of the Speyer plants in the "Brunckstrasse", the actual site of the Industrial Filters Business Unit
1973 Delivery of the first coloring equipment (ProTec Business Unit)
1978 Delivery of the first multiple feed station conveying system (ProTec Business Unit)
1981 Started development of plastic engine intake manifolds.
1984 First plastic oil filter housing.
1988 Purchase of Hydromation N.V. in Tongeren, Belgium.
1989 Started series production of plastic intake manifolds using the lost core technology
1990 Extensive expansion of engine test benches and roller dynamometers in Ludwigsburg.
1991 Purchase of Plasta Sonneberg GmbH, Thuringia, (now: Filterwerk Mann+Hummel GmbH, Sonneberg).
1993 Joint venture Mann Filtr Jipap s.r.o. founded in the Czech Republic.
Filtros Mann S.A. founded in Mexico. (now: Mann+Hummel Mexico, S.A. de C.V.)
Acquisition of Somos GmbH, Weiterstadt.
Development of the "Europiclon" air cleaner generation.
1994 Mann+Hummel Filter Technology Inc. founded in Greensboro, North Carolina, U.S.A. (now: Mann+Hummel USA, Inc.)
1995 Purchase of Universal Dynamics, Inc., Woodbridge, Virginia, U.S.A.
Production of an intake module with a plastic switch air intake manifold (lost core technology).
1996 Environmental Prize from the Federation of German Industry (BDI) for "evotop(R)", an environmentally-friendly oil filter concept with a metal-free filter element.
Mann+Hummel (S.E.A.) Pte., Singapore, founded.
Opening of a sales office in Shanghai, China.
Mann+Hummel (UK) Ltd., Wolverhampton, United Kingdom, founded.
Mann+Hummel Automotive, Inc., Southfield, Michigan, U.S.A., founded. (now Mann+Hummel USA, Inc.)
1997 ProTec Business Unit spun of and formed into Mann+Hummel ProTec GmbH, Ludwigsburg.
Acquisition of Vollmar Anlagentechnik (ProTec Business Unit)
1998 Purchase of Advanced Filtration Concepts, Inc., Louisville, Kentucky, U.S.A.
Purchase of Geiger Technic, Inc., Kalamazoo, Michigan, U.S.A. (now Mann+Hummel USA, Inc.).
1999 Mann+Hummel Japan Ltd founded in Yokohama.
Foundation of Mann+Hummel France S.A.R.L. in Gennevilliers
2000 Takeover of Oil Conditioning Systems (OCS) Division from the American Federal Mogul Group.
Sales Office set up in Warsaw, Poland
Foundation of Joint Venture: G.U.D. Mann+Hummel Filter Systems (PTY) Ltd. in Atlantis, South Africa.
2001 Mann and Hummel Australia PTY Limited founded in Sydney, Australia
2002 Acquisition of the Solvay Group's Air Induction Systems and Technical Parts (AIS/TP) Division
Foundation of Service Center Scandinavia in Gothenburg, Sweden
Foundation of Joint Venture: Shanghai Mann+Hummel Filter Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, China
Joint Venture Mann+Hummel Fawer Filter Co. Ltd. founded in Changchun, China
Joint Venture DongWoo Mann+Hummel Co. Ltd. is set up in South Korea
2003 Sales Office set up in Sondrio, Italy
The name Filterwerk Mann+Hummel GmbH is changed to Mann+Hummel GmbH
Mann+Hummel establishes a sales office in Gex, France for the ProTec Business Unit following the acquisition of Per-Color S.a.r.L.
ProTec moves from Weiterstadt and Koenigswinter to Bensheim/Hessen
Establishment of a representative office in Bangalore, India
2004 Mann+Hummel Italia S.r.l. founded in Torino, Italy.
2006 The Bosch Group and MANN+HUMMEL acquire the Purolator filter business from ArvinMeritor.
2008 100% takeover of the Korean filter specialist Dongwoo Co. Ltd. and name change to MANN+HUMMEL Dongwoo Co. Ltd.
2010 Takeover of membrane specialist Ultra-Flo, Singapore.
2011 The Company's subsidiary, MANN+HUMMEL Air Filter GmbH & Co. KG based in Gefrees, builds new plant in Himmelkron.
The Company opened new production facility in Dunlap, Tennessee (USA).
2012 OHL Engineering GmbH has taken over the operative business of the MANN+HUMMEL subsidiary ProTec.
New manufacturing site in Liuzhou, South China.
The Company founded a 100% subsidiary MANN+HUMMEL (Thailand) LTD. in Thailand.
The Company has inaugurated its new manufacturing facility in Bawal, India.
2013 Acquired Purolator Filters LLC, previously a joint venture between Bosch and the Company which manufactures oil and air filters.
Aug. 2015 Entered definitive agreement to acquire global filtration operations of Affinia Group Inc.
May 2016 Completed acquisition of filtration operations of Affinia Group.
Aug. 2018 Completed acquisition of Tri-Dim Filter, a U.S. air filtration company.
Jul. 2022 Opened the fourth Digital Hub in Heilbronn, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.
Oct. 2022 Completed the sales of the Company’s global high-performance plastic parts business to Mutares SE & Co. KGaA.

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