Mann+Hummel GmbH Business Report FY2009

Business Highlights

Financial Overview

(in million euros)
  FY2009 FY2008 Rate of change(%) Factors
Sales 1,671.7 1,825.1 (8.4) 1)
EBIT 23 65 (64.6) -
Automotive OEM Division
Sales 713.8 808.5 (11.7) 2)
Filter Elements and Systems for Industry and Aftermarket Division
Sales 946.1 978.2 (3.3) 3)

-The sales decreased nominally by 8.4% to 1,672 million EUR and by 7.5% after elimination of currency effects, to 1,689 million EUR. Total operating performance decreased by 7.3%. Other operating income decreased slightly, compared with the previous year.

-In the Automotive OEM Division, the previous year's volume of sales could not be sustained as the vehicle manufacturers reduced production. Particularly in the first quarter, sales to individual customers were up to 80% below plan. During the course of the year, the situation stabilised considerably, primarily in the production of passenger cars. This was reflected in substantial sales growth in the second half of the year. Over the whole year, global sales fell by approx. 12%, compared with the previous year.

-Positive overall business trends were recorded at its sites in China, India and Brazil. There was a substantial increase in sales, compared with the previous year, through launching new products. In spite of the challenging order situation, it was possible to establish new products in the market, including, for example, a compressor shut-off valve and various ingeniously designed fuel filters. In the air intake area, too, acoustic products as well as new air cleaners and air filter systems have been produced.

-With regard to original equipment suppliers (OES) business, demand from its customers in the passenger car and commercial vehicle segments continued to be restrained at the beginning of the year. Noticeable improvement was, however, recorded mid-year due above all to steady market demand in the passenger car sector. There was also a marked increase in sales in the commercial vehicle area, but demand nevertheless remained below the previous year's level as a result of market conditions.

-The collapse in commercial vehicle production led to a sharp decrease in its sales to first-tier manufacturers in 2009. Even though this sector has stabilised since mid-year, however, the Company anticipates only modest growth in 2010.


-Followings are major contracts from press releases in 2009.
Maker/ Model Products
BMW Fully plastic oil filter module
Nissan Cabstar Air intake system
Nissan Atleon Air intake system
Nissan Civilian Air intake system
Renault (for truck) Air intake system
Jaguar Land Rover Compressor shut-off valve
Toyota Yaris Air filter with integrated air flow meter
Toyota IQ Air filter with integrated air flow meter

Recent Developments outside Germany

-In May 2009, the Company launched air intake systems for commercial vehicles in the Indian market, producing for Tata World Truck an intake system for heavy vehicles which is for the first time almost completely made of plastic. With outstanding filtration efficiency, long service life and service-friendly design, this system is produced at the Tumkur plant.

-In Aug. 2009, the Company's Joint Venture with Bosch, MHB Filter India Private Ltd., opened a second production plant in Nalagarh, India.
>>>See Investment for more details

-In July 2009, pursuing its strategy for Asia and following acquisition of the remaining shares of Dongwoo in August 2008, the two companies in South Korea, Mann+Hummel Korea Limited and Mann+Hummel Dongwoo Co. Ltd., merged on 31July 2009. In order to consolidate the Company's sites, a new office was leased in Pyeongchon/ Seoul in July, and the Yongin and Seoul Auto Gallery was closed.


-The Company is reducing the headcount in the Automotive Original Equipment Division at its Ludwigsburg facility in Germany, as a result of the sharp decline in sales revenues in 2009. The workforce is due to be gradually reduced by about a total of 330 employees between now and the end of 2012. At present the Ludwigsburg location has 1,800 employees. (From a press release on Nov. 18, 2009)


R&D Structure

-With expenditure in this area amounting to around 4% of turnover, more than 700 people are employed worldwide to develop solutions meeting customers' specific requirements and address the topics of the future.

R&D Activities

-The new diesel particulate filter business sector was set up in May 2009. Ceramic diesel particulate filters for automotive OE applications have been developed and produced in
Marklkofen and Ludwigsburg to complement activities in the industrial engine sector. The Company has introduced new technology, the CCP (ceramic coated paper) process, to manufacture these filters. Compared with conventional extrusion methods, this process achieves improved storage capacity for soot particles, lower exhaust gas back pressure, greater leeway in channel geometry and flexibility of design for the filter body. Following inauguration of the pilot plant in Dec. 2009, pilot production of the first diesel particulate filters will now be gradually extended.

Product Development

-In Feb. 2009, five years after launching the first fully-plastic oil filter module, the Company introduced the second generation into the market. These modules were produced for the first time for the new BMW in-line six-cylinder diesel engine. With many integrated functions, they are substantially lighter in weight and more economical than conventional oil filter modules with die-cast aluminium housing.

-Working with its development partner for air drying boxes, the Company has launched a product with optimised oil and water separation and longer service life. The Company is also developing urea filters for a new generation of SCR (selective catalytic reduction) systems with production planned to commence in early 2010.

Investment Activities

Capital Expenditure

(in million euros)
  FY2009 FY2008 FY2007
Total 62 93 73

-The largest single project in 2009 was construction of a new production facility in China, with attention also focused on the Marklkofen and Ludwigsburg production plants in Germany, as well as in the plants in Brazil and Spain.

Investment Outside Germany

-In Aug. 2009, the Company's Joint Venture with Bosch, MHB Filter India Private Ltd., opened a second production plant in Nalagarh, Himachal Pradesh/India, approx. 300 km north-west of Delhi. In 2009, 1.7 million filters were produced in Nalagarh and from 2010 the plant will be able to handle an annual production volume of 14 million filters.