Tokyo Roki Exhibit Highlights

Tokyo Motor Show 2015

Tokyo Motor show 2015

Micro EGR Cooler (In development) Closed Ventilators
-Adopting high density fins
-Achieved the reduction of layers
-Higher performance and lower cost by 20% than conventional models

-Separate oil mist from the blow-by gas from engines
-All-plastic type allows high efficiency at low cost
image Inner structure

SCR System for Medium Duty Trucks Aluminium Oil Coolers
-Reduce NOx with UREA
-Integrated system of production from catalytic coating to canning as integrated manufacturing
-Lighter than stainless-steel parts
-Achieved high heat exchange performance

External Type Oil Coolers (in development) Plastic Intake Manifold
-Achieved superior heat exchange performance per plate with the new multi-layer structure
-Reduction of total cost was achieved for these built-on oil coolers.
-Easy customization in contrary to built-in coolers

-For the downsized turbo engines
-Adopting the vibration welding method which withstands high boost pressure
Installed vehicle: Surabu "Levorg"

Fuel Filters for Diesel Engines
-Equipped with recirculation valve for return fuel
-High precision element available for common rail systems (superior filtration/high water separation)
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