Teijin Exhibit Highlights


Automotive World 2016

<Carbon fiber reinforced plastics>
Carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastics (CFRTP)
Ultra lightweight white body
Carbon fiber reinforced thermosetting plastics

Resin transfer molded products              

Alt. angle

Molded CFRTP
CFRP fast-curing prepreg

CFRP hollow moldings
CFRP filament windings

From bobbin to parts via preform


<Plastics and films>
Polycarbonate roof panel
Polycarbonate window
Installed model:
Citroen "DS5"

Coating for polycarbonate plastics
Polycarbonate plastics for automotive exteriors
Installed model:
Nissan "NV200"
Installed model:
Lexus "HS250h"

Paint replacement films
Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) engineering plastics

Lithium-ion battery separator
PEN film
PEN FCCL transparent films
LED substrate made from white PEN film
Flat cables made from PEN films

<Highly functional fibers>
Flame-retardant nonwoven fabrics
Products made from flame-retardant nonwoven fabrics
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Close-up: [1] [2]

Thermoplastic fibers/ultra lightweight reinforcing material
High-strength fibers
Aramid fabric
Aramid fiber reinforced thermoplastic

Endumax ultra lightweight reinforcing fabric
Sample products using Eudumax
Twaron pulps (brake pads and lining)

Twaron pulps (gaskets)

Twaron PTFE laminated sheets

Automotive interior materials

Profile of Teijin Limited