STMicroelectronics Exhibit Highlights


Automotive World 2016

ADAS solution V2X solution
-Next generation V2X chipset: Jointly developed with Autotalks of Israel
-GNSS receiver
-Bluetooth Low Energy

V2X solution
-Smart antenna for Audi model

Vision monitoring Street lighting control
-CMOS image sensor
-Image processor
-Lighting control with ToF (Time of Flight) range sensors

Powertrain & body electronics Power MOSFET/IGBT

DC-DC bi-directional converter High voltage gate driver

Motor driver + Power MOSFET Input current limiter for automotive battery charger
Close-up Close-up

ESD protection lineup Solenoid driver
-For transmission control ECU
-For ABS/ESC control ECU

TPM/M2M Ultra-compact package EEPROM

32-bit automotive microcontrollers
32-bit automotive microcontroller

For body and gateway
For safety
For powertrain

panel, demonstration
-Used in DC-DC converter of the Toyota Prius


8-bit automotive microcontrollers 32-bit automotive microcontroller
-Programmable USB interface

Dynamic NFC Tag for bluetooth pairing
BLE processor
Close-up Close-up

Acceleration sensor Acceleration sensor
-For air bag control ECU -Supports emergency report system
-Demonstration of antitheft security system
Close-up Close-up

6-axis inertial sensor Motion sensor
-For navigation -For industrial sensors
Close-up: PCB, label
Profile of STMicroelectronics