Sanwa Seiki Exhibit Highlights

Tokyo Motor Show 2015

Tokyo Motor show 2015

Hydraulic Power Unit
Mechanical Tilt Cylinder
Compact & lightweight Laborsaving, space-saving, oil-less
Compact power unit: [1] [2] 

Vehicle Height Control Valve (1)
Vehicle Height Control Valve (2)
Existing products Compact & lightweight (patent pending)

Bypass Valve For Turbo Controlling (under development)
Enhanced Cooling Cylinder Head

Vacuum operation, Wastegate valve

Transmission Booster Water Circuit Switching Valve
Short stroke operation Pressure loss minimization model

V-Twin Air Compressor
Single Cylinder Air Compressor

Air Compressor With Water Jacket Equipped Aluminum Liner
Scroll Air Compressor
Low noise, low driving torque, oil-free type
Inner structure
Profile of Sanwa Seiki