Omron Exhibit Highlights

Tokyo Motor Show 2015

OMRON Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd.

Crashless Cars Society
Infrastructure Sensor System
The technology to detect the situation of the outside the car multilaterally and to grasps the situation of the road and the blind side of building and so on can contribute to create a safe car society which has no traffic accidents. Predicts behaviors of vehicles and pedestrians in terms of accident risk.

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3D Range Imaging Sensor Camera-integrated Sensor
Enable to capture objects in all directions and acquire 3D information instantly and accurately. Integration of "Lidar" which can detect a four-wheel vehicle ahead of the 30m with the infrared laser and a camera which can detect an object allows a compact and high performance sensor for object detection.

Driver Monitoring Camera Connected Car
The direction of driver's face and eyes, and opening-closing condition of their eyes can be detected with a high degree of accuracy. Advanced car access system enables to connect cars with network securely.

High Capacity AC Inverter Air-cooled DC/DC Converter
-High power control of 1500W is available.
-It accommodates different supply varied by countries.
-With the unique digital control technology, high power conversion efficiency is achieved.

Small-sized Power Regenerative Control System

-The compact high-efficient buck-boost converter (specific power density: 1.2W/cc)
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Driving safety support
Demonstration of sensing technology
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