Mitsumi Electric Exhibit Highlights


Automotive World 2016

ADAS demonstration
Alt. angle

Ultra-compact VGA camera, Camera module
79GHz millimeter wave radar
Camera close-up:
[1] [2]

MEMS air flow sensor Air flow sensor module

-Demonstration of wind direction and speed


Next generation antenna system
Combination antenna

High-speed communication in-vehicle
Mitsumi's automotive technology lineup

Coils Inductors

Detach connectors for inter-board connection
Connectors with fuse function

Connectors Coaxial connectors

HSD connectors HSD cable connectors



Millimeter wave radar 
Ultra compact VGA camera for automobiles
-79GHz millimeter wave radar to detect pedestrians (under development)

-One fourth in size compared with existing cameras

LF antennas for smart key systems
Smart antennas/Combination antennas
-Used on Tokai Rika's keyless entry receivers

Left: Smart antennas for Ethernet
Right: Combination antennas for GPS+GLONASS, SDARS

Product demonstration
Mitsumi Electric's automotive product lineup
Profile of Mitsumi Electric