Infineon Technologies Exhibit Highlights


Automotive World 2016

TTA Drive -Central platform ECU
for ADAS
High output & high efficiency, DC/DC controller
for high power LED lighting
-Co-development with TTTech (Austria)

-Only 1 DC/DC controller controls all LEDs used in front light.
-High power, high efficiency up to 95%
-Series production: Spring 2016
Ethernet DE Switch Hermes

32bit MCU family, perfect match for powertrain
and safety application
The Connected car - Security & High quality
-For power train (EV/HEV control etc.) safety (EPS, radar etc.)
-High performance, high scalability
-Applicable to various security needs
Application board OPTIGA TPM for authentication

CoolMOS TM: Automotive high voltage MOSFET 300mm thin wafer technology
for power semiconductor
-Application: EV/PHEV On board charger, Main battery DC/DC converter, DC/AC inverter
Power package

SiC wafer
Profile of Infineon Technologies AG