Furuno Electric Exhibit Highlights


Automotive World 2016

Autonomous navigation multi-GNSS: V-87 Autonomous navigation GNSS receiver module: V-86
-Installed model and application
-Position accuracy 2.5m even in tunnel
-Application: Navigation, Black box

*GNSS = Global Navigation Satellite System(s)

Multi-GNSS/GPS receivers
for positioning and timing markets
Multi-GNSS disciplined oscillator with holdover function

Multi-GNSS/GPS receivers: Evaluation kit Multi-GNSS receiver module: GN-87
-For Glonass (Russia) and Galileo (Europe)

Multi-GNSS receiver chip: eRideOPUS 7 ETC2.0 on-board model with GPS, talkable
-ETC2.0 applicable without car navigation system
-Information given by speech; how to avoid traffic jam, safety support etc.
-Multi-GNSS receiver module GN-86 applied.
-Reference exhibit
Profile of Furuno Electric Co., Ltd.