The Future of Google in the Car: ADAS, HD Maps, & SDVs!



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  Earlier this year Google surprised the industry when they announced their entrance into the ADAS markets with high-definition (HD) maps. This is a big move that will be disruptive to the mapping ecosystem. In addition, Volvo Cars and Polestar will be the first car makers to bring Google HD Map technology into their cars, starting with the Volvo EX90 and Polestar 3.

  At IAA (Munich) two weeks ago Google unveiled its master plan for automotive and gave many insights into their roadmap for automotive and is the topic of this Tech Brief. Here is a link to the original video in case you want to review that here -->

  Google's HD map will serve as a lane model enabling ADAS and automated driving applications to localize against virtual lane markers. This application is designed to heighten the lateral performance of ADAS System and may also serve as a safety net for automated vehicles that may be challenged by poor weather, faded markings or other factors that might limit the vision systems ability to track lane markings.

Material from: Phil Magney, The Future of Google in the Car: ADAS, HD Maps, & SDVs! [September 22, 2023] [the websites of VSI Labs AUTONOMOUS SOLUTIONS PORTAL] reproduced with permission of VSI Labs.

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