Lane Marking Examination

Where ADAS and Infrastructure Meet



About This Report

  This report was written by VSI Labs (VSI) for MarkLines' portal users. VSI is a technology research company that provides industry with deep insight and analysis on the enabling technologies used for active safety and automated driving.


Markings Make a Difference

  Lane markings are the ultimate ground truth for automated driving systems. Any compromise in the contrast and/or placement of markings, directly compromises the safety and performance of the automated driving system. VSI has been studying this for years having logged thousands of miles in the pursuit of understanding the limitations of automated driving systems.

  The purpose of this Tech Brief is to examine common causes resulting in poor lane detection. Largely, this is the detection of lane markings but often within the context of other factors such as lighting, weather, geometry (including curvature slope), merges, exits, interchanges, and more.

  Material from: Phil Magney, [Technology Brief] Lane Marking Examination: Where ADAS and Infrastructure Meet [August 26, 2022] [the websites of VSI Labs AUTONOMOUS SOLUTIONS PORTAL] reproduced with permission of VSI Labs.

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