CES 2023 Round-Up

Sensors, Platforms, Vehicles and More



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  This report was written by VSI Labs (VSI) for MarkLines' portal users. VSI is a technology research company that provides industry with deep insight and analysis on the enabling technologies used for active safety and automated driving.



  Attendance more than doubled over 2022 and surpassed 115,000 people with over 40,000 being foreign visitors. The exhibitor count has increased by over 68% from 2022-over 3,200 compared to 1,900 in 2022. Media attendees topped 4,800. There is still a way to go compared to 2019, which had over 185,000 visitor and over 4,500 exhibitors.

  ADAS and automated driving were a big part of CES 2023. All big tech companies developing robotaxis were there as major automotive component suppliers including dozens of startups. Some highlights include

  • Robotaxis and autonomous trucks
  • ADAS solutions
  • Automated agriculture, mining and marine technologies
  • Components (chips), sensors and sensor modules
  • Services (teleoperation), tools/simulators, and digital twins

  This tech brief is exclusive to automotive ADAS and AV technologies and attempts to roundup all the significant product announcements.

CES Summary
Key Information Other Information
Organizer www.cta.tech ・ Consumer Technology Association
Attendees ・ Over 115,000 people ・ Over double of CES 2022 attendees
Exhibitors ・ Over 3,200 companies
・ Exhibitor website link
・ 2022: 1,900+ companies; 68% increase
CES News ・ Press release website https://ces.vporoom.com/News-Releases
Source: VSI Labs, January 2023

Material from: Egil Juliussen and Phil Magney, [Technology Brief] CES 2023 Round-Up: Sensors, Platforms, Vehicles and More [January 13, 2023] [the websites of VSI Labs AUTONOMOUS SOLUTIONS PORTAL] reproduced with permission of VSI Labs.

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