CES 2022 Round-up: 2022 - Year of EV, Premium ADAS, L3 and Robotaxis



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  This report was written by VSI Labs (VSI) for MarkLines' portal users. VSI is a technology research company that provides industry with deep insight and analysis on the enabling technologies used for active safety and automated driving.



  The CES 2022 wrapped up on January 7th with a notable drop in attendance and exhibitors, 40,000+ in person attendees and 2,300+ exhibitors, compared to the pre-pandemic 2020 show of 171,268 attendees and 4,419 exhibiting companies.

  However, CES has become the most important automotive show on the planet because it brings together the entire ecosystem including automakers, mobility and transportation companies, traditional vehicle system suppliers, components and technology startups, and semiconductor companies. According to CES organizer CTA, “Vehicle technology was front and center at the show, with more than 190 automotive companies exhibiting, with companies including BMW, Hyundai, Indy Autonomous Challenge, Stellantis and VinFast, Vietnam’s first automaker.”

  VSI Labs participated in CES 2022 in a truly hybrid way, where four attended in-person to demonstrate our partner technologies integrated into research vehicles to prospects, clients and media, while the VSI analyst team covered CES announcements virtually.

  This year’s CES announcements show several key barometers of ADAS/AD deployment paths, where the industry is at currently, and what the challenges ahead are. VSI focused on analyzing key ADAS/AD announcements in this Tech Brief, whose themes are centered around premium ADAS, L3, Robotaxi and personal AVs. Enabling technologies will be also covered in the areas of compute platforms, imaging radars, and other sensors and applications. Tier ones messaged out their visions (aka software-defined cars) at a very high-level and VSI did not see any ground-breaking announcements.

  VSI believes that year 2022 will see many L2+ premium ADAS to be deployed, while the public will start to see a few L3 systems and robotaxis in limited geographic areas, pending maturity of legal frameworks in each region.


Material from: Danny Kim, CES 2022 Round-up: 2022 - Year of EV, Premium ADAS, L3 and Robotaxis [January 13, 2022] [the websites of VSI Labs AUTONOMOUS SOLUTIONS PORTAL] reproduced with permission of VSI Labs.


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