Tesla AI Day 2021: FSD Autopilot Progressing Under the Hood



About This Report

  This report was written by VSI Labs (VSI) for MarkLines' portal users. VSI is a technology research company that provides industry with deep insight and analysis on the enabling technologies used for active safety and automated driving.



  Tesla hosted its first ever AI Day on August 19, giving updates on its progress with AI technologies for the Autopilot system, and unveiling an AI training supercomputer - Dojo and an upcoming humanoid Tesla Bot teaser. Overall, Tesla unveiled a lot of proprietary technologies with impressive details on what they have developed, where they are at now, and where they are going.

  This Tech Brief will focus on Tesla’s new perception neural network (NN) architectures and SW stack rewrite (both perception and path planning), and data annotation. It will also round up the current deployment status of a variety of Tesla Autopilot systems, as Tesla is going through unprecedentedly complex development efforts in software and hardware. By covering both the AI Day content and public deployment status, the Brief will provide insights on how Tesla is uniquely executing the progress of semi-autonomous systems.


Material from: Danny Kim and Matthew Linder, Tesla AI Day 2021: FSD Autopilot Progressing Under the Hood, Technology Brief [August 26, 2021] [the websites of VSI Labs AUTONOMOUS SOLUTIONS PORTAL] reproduced with permission of VSI Labs.


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