The 2nd EV & HEV Drive System Technology Expo (Report 1)

Motor Technologies



 The following is a report on the products and technologies related to drive systems, motors (parts, materials), motors (coil winding machines) and machining technologies exhibited by 27 manufacturers at the 2nd EV & HEV Drive System Technology Expo ("EV Japan") held in Tokyo Big Site on January 19-21, 2011.

 EV Japan this year saw a significant increase in the number of manufacturers from varying categories including motors, motor parts, materials and manufacturing equipment, and machining technologies. Among those that exhibited machining technologies, ten small- to medium-sized companies exhibited their original machining technologies in the booth of NC Network Co., Ltd., an engineering trading company that sells their products (only six in the previous EV Japan; four of them returned to the show this year).

 Exhibits of rechargeable batteries, next-generation batteries, chargers, and related parts and materials will be introduced in Report 2.

Category Manufacturer Product/Technology
Drive systems  YASKAWA Electric Corp.  EV motor drive systems
 PUES Corp.  Support in EV system development
 TGMY/Shigehara Mfg.  DC brushless motors, primary reduction gears
 WATEX Co., Ltd.  Electric compressor for air-conditioning systems on converted EVs
 Myway Plus Corp.  On-board motor rating system for EV/HEVs
(parts, materials)
 Toray Industries, Inc.  Motor insulation materials (PPS fiber, film)
 Tsuda Industries Co., Ltd.  Motor shafts for HEVs (cold-forging method)
 Shicoh Co., Ltd.  Coreless motors
 SHT Corp.  Choke coil
 Akiyama Mfg Co., Ltd.  Motor shafts (friction welding method)
 Ryoden Kasei Co., Ltd.  Bus bars
 NOA Co., Ltd.  Coil testers
 Toyodensan Co., Ltd.  On-board power generation system
(coil winders)
 Odawara Engineering Co., Ltd.  Winding machines
 Taga Mfg. Co., Ltd.  Winding machines
 Alphatec Co., Ltd.  Precision plaster casting process
 Ito Precision Co., Ltd.  Precision turnery technology
 Inatec Corp.  Thin-wall sand casting process
 LSI Cooler Co., Ltd.  Specialized in heat sink technology
 Climb Works, Inc.  Component weight saving technology
 Daishin Seiki Corp.  Simultaneous five-axis thin-wall machining technology
 Nisshin Seiko Inc.  Precision press working technology
 Miyaki Co., Ltd.  Alumite treatment processes
 Musashi Co., Ltd.  Simultaneous five-axis machining technology
 Yamagishi Seisakusho Co., Ltd.  Thin-wall turnery technology
 Namitei Co., Ltd.  Cold-forging methods
 Atect Corp.  Powder injection molding methods

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