WCX 2024 (1) AI and software impacts on the automotive industry

Software systems and functions require additional support and development to reach potential



WCX 2024 exhibition floor entrance
WCX 2024 exhibition floor entrance

  The WCX 2024 conference hosted by SAE International took place at the Huntington Place exhibition hall in Detroit, Michigan, U.S. from April 16 through April 18, 2024. This year’s iteration of the conference featured more than 100 exhibitors, three keynote presentations, and eight Leadership Summit panel discussion sessions. The conference also hosted numerous other sessions highlighting new technologies, automotive trends, and technical information.

  One of the emergent themes of WCX 2024 was the growth and development of artificial intelligence (AI) in the automotive industry. The opening keynote described the status and capabilities of AI while showcasing potential benefits it could provide to the automotive industry and vice versa. A second keynote explained the importance of software and software-defined vehicles (SDV) to support generative AI in vehicles.

  A Leadership Summit discussion panel examined the considerations around the SDV from a business perspective, highlighting its current development stage, impacts to supply chain and other trends. On the separate topic of autonomous vehicles, another Leadership Summit session discussed the challenges facing mass deployment of SAE Level 3 capabilities.

  This report is the first of two reports focusing on the content shown at WCX 2024. This report will showcase panel and presentation sessions discussing AI, software, and autonomous driving. A second report will highlight vehicles promoting improved sustainability, as well as general perspectives on the automotive industry.

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