WCX 2023 (1) Software guiding automotive direction

Software-defined vehicles and in-vehicle experiences driving changes in vehicle interaction



Entrance sign welcoming attendees to WCX 2023
Entrance sign welcoming attendees to WCX 2023

  SAE International's WCX 2023 exhibition was hosted at the Huntington Place exhibition hall in Detroit, Michigan, U.S. from April 18 through April 20, 2023. As with the 2022 iteration, the WCX 2023 exhibition featured eight Leadership Summit discussion panels over the three-day period covering topics including software-defined vehicles, electrified vehicles, and low-carbon strategies. The exhibition hall had more than 90 exhibitor displays.

  The theme of WCX 2023 was Driving Industry Transformation, which was demonstrated by highlighting the emergence of the software-defined vehicle in multiple presentations. The opening keynote described current development needs around the software-defined vehicle and its anticipated impact on the automotive market. A Leadership Summit session discussed the complexities associated with the software-defined vehicle in the current market. Finally, another Leadership Summit panel debated the increasing importance of the in-vehicle experience.

  This report is the first in a series of reports which highlights the discussion sessions and presentations at WCX 2023. This report will focus on the presentations and panel sessions discussing software-defined vehicles and the in-vehicle experience. 

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