2023 China Auto Software Conference: Software Innovation in China

CAIC: Building a smart car software ecosystem



Mr. Fengjun LI, CEO of China Automotive Innovation Corporation (CAIC)
Presentation by Mr. Fengjun LI, CEO of CAIC

  On November 3, 2023, the first China Auto Software Conference was held in the Jiading District, Shanghai, and organized by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM). One conference forum and four thematic sessions were held to discuss topics of interest such as smart IoV (Internet of Vehicles) technologies, infrastructure software, industrial software, and in-vehicle OS (operating systems). The event attracted a total of more than 500 participants, including industry leaders, domestic and international upstream and downstream automotive industry-related companies, and industry experts.

  The "White Paper on the Software Development and Construction of China’s Automotive Industry" and the next-generation roadside OS for road-vehicle coordination, "Tongdao OS," were presented at the conference. The launch ceremony for the China Automotive Software Open-sourcing Ecological Platform and the contract signing ceremonies for the “China Open-sourcing and Co-construction Plan for Automotive Operating Systems” and the “Co-construction of an Open-sourcing Ecosystem for Autonomous Driving” were all three held concurrently.

  The CAAM Software Subcommittee was established in June 2022 and brings together more than 160 automakers and parts suppliers to collaborate in the industry and accelerate the creation of an automotive software industry ecosystem. Fengjun LI, Chairman of the CAAM Software Committee and CEO of China Automotive Innovation Corporation (a joint venture between China FAW, Dongfeng Motor, and Changan Automobile), gave a presentation on "Leading the Future, Creating a Smart Car Software Ecosystem" at this conference, in which he discussed the classification, current situation, development trends, and challenges and issues facing China's automotive software. This report is a brief summary of the content of the presentation.


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