Japan Mobility Show 2023: Commercial Vehicles

BEVs becoming the norm for light-duty trucks, FCEVs promising for heavy-duty vehicles



Isuzu booth
Isuzu booth

  The commercial vehicle booths at the Japan Mobility Show 2023 (October 25 (Wed.) to November 5 (Sun.), 2023, at the Tokyo Big Sight convention and exhibition center) was not a vehicle sales event, but rather there were many exhibits that appealed to the general public with the social affinity that "commercial vehicles belong to everyone.” The number of vehicles on display was limited and the booth layout was designed with wide aisles. As for technological trends, the development of BEVs and FCEVs was clearly defined, and proposals were also made to address 2024 problems.

  This report provides a list of the commercial vehicles on display, and each chapter details the electrification plans for heavy-duty commercial vehicles, FCEVs, battery exchange stations, and technologies to address driver shortages.

Mitsubishi Fuso booth Hino booth
Mitsubishi Fuso booth Hino booth


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