Japan Mobility Show 2023: Electrification Technologies (1)

Electric powertrains (e-Axle, motors, inverters)



  The Japan Mobility Show 2023, organized by the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA), was held at the Tokyo Big Sight convention and exhibition center (open to press from October 25, general public from October 28 to November 5, 2023).

  This year's show was the first in four years since the last Tokyo Motor Show, and notably the name was changed from Tokyo “Motor” Show to Japan “Mobility” Show, and the number of participating companies increased to nearly 500. There was a decline in the number of technology and component-related exhibits, but a large number of parts suppliers exhibited in the parts and machinery area (West Exhibition Hall).

  This report introduces the electric powertrains (e-Axle, motors, inverters) exhibited in various areas of the Japan Mobility Show 2023 such as passenger cars, commercial vehicles, parts, machinery and equipment, and next-generation mobility-related products.

Japan Mobility Show 2023 venue BYD's 8 in 1 e-Axle exhibit
Japan Mobility Show 2023 venue (BYD) BYD's 8 in 1 e-Axle exhibit


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