Automotive World Autumn 2023: Electrification-related Technologies

Electric powertrain, fuel cells, batteries, EV chargers, power electronics



  The 2nd Automotive World Autumn and the Smart Energy Week Autumn 2023 (Dates: September 13 to 15, 2023) events were held concurrently at the Makuhari Messe convention center in Chiba Prefecture, Japan.

  Automotive World is held every January and Smart Energy Week is held every March, but in recent years the exhibitions have additionally been held in the fall.

  According to an announcement by the organizer, RX Japan Ltd., the total number of visitors to the Automotive World Autumn and the concurrently held NEPCON Japan Autumn totaled 25,161 (three-day total), up from 16,247 last fall. Smart Energy Week Autumn, held at the same time, also saw a combined total of 38,277 visitors, up from 29,713 last fall.

  This report outlines presentations at the keynote session, "EV Powertrain: Forefront of Development", at Automotive World Autumn by Nissan, “Nissan's e-PT Development Strategy for Expanding Electrification” and Mazda, “Mazda's Own Strategies and Road Map for Electrification with Driving Pleasure”, and introduces electrification-related exhibits at Automotive World Autumn, NEPCON Japan Autumn, Smart Energy Week Autumn (which includes H2 & FC EXPO, Battery Japan, and Smart Grid Expo) and Decarboniation Expo, all held concurrently.

The venue Panatronic Japan exhibit
Automotive World Autumn and NEPCON Japan Autumn venue Automotive World Autumn (Panatronic Japan Inc.)


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