TECHNO-FRONTIER 2023: BYD SEAL and other BEV tear-down exhibitions

LiveWire electric motorcycle, NIO and Wuling BEVs, Citroen micro EV



Full view of the organizer's plan and teardown exhibits
Full view of the organizer's plan and teardown exhibits

  TECHNO-FRONTIER 2023 (Date: July 26-28, 2023, Venue: Tokyo Big Sight, Organizer: Japan Management Association) was held.

  According to an announcement by the organizer, Japan Management Association (JMA), the total number of registered visitors (total for the three days) for TECHNO-FRONTIER 2023 and INDUSTRY-FRONTIER 2023 was 20,767, and the total number of visitors for the concurrent exhibitions (Maintenance & Resilience TOKYO, HEAT SOLUTION, Occupational Safety & Health Exhibition Japan and Noise Reduction Expo) was 33,940, up from 28,421 last year. Although it is difficult to make comparisons due to the change in the composition of the exhibitions, it appears that the number of visitors exceeded the 30,447 in 2019 before the COVID-19 pandemic.

  TECHNO-FRONTIER is an exhibition that started in 1983 with the Small Motor Technology Expo (this is the 41st Motor Technology Expo), and while the number of exhibitors of motor products and motor construction methods, which used to be large, has decreased, exhibits from overseas component suppliers such as those from China have increased.

  This report introduces the BYD Seal (BEV), LiveWire ONE (electric motorcycle), TC Wanderer (electric motorcycle), and D-air (electric kickboard) teardown exhibits, the personal EV exhibits, and the NIO-ES8 vehicle exhibit, which were held as organizer projects.

BYD Seal disassembled vehicle and parts display Vehicle display of the NIO-ES8
BYD Seal disassembled vehicle and parts display Vehicle display of the NIO-ES8


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