Charging Infrastructure in China (Part 1)

Over 7 million charging stands, major charging service operators, policy plans, national standards



Charging infrastructure in China

  Charging infrastructure is the key to mass adoption of electric vehicles (EVs). China has the largest number of charging infrastructure installations in the world, has a wide range of services, and has established various types of charging infrastructure systems. According to the China Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Promotion Alliance (EVCIPA), as of the end of August 2023, there were a total of 7,208,000 charging infrastructure units (public + private) in China, of which 2,272,000 charging stands were public and 4,936,000 were private.

  The top five operators of charging services at public charging stations (TELD, StarCharge, YKC, State Grid, and Orange Charging) account for nearly 70% of the market share and they have have partnerships with many automakers. Some manufacturers such as SAIC, NIO, and Tesla are also focusing on building their own public charging stations. NIO is currently the largest operator of battery swap stations in China, while SAIC and GAC have also started to install their own.

  On the policy front, in June 2023, the General Office of the State Council issued guiding opinions on the further establishment of a high-quality charging infrastructure system. The goal is to establish a high-quality charging infrastructure system by 2030 that is widely encompassing, appropriately sized, rationally organized, and well-functioning. Government offices such as the National Development and Reform Commission, the National Energy Administration, the Ministry of Transport, and the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development will also continue to release policy documents. The focus is on the promotion of construction of charging infrastructure in rural areas, residential communities, highway service areas, and public parking lots.

  This Charging Infrastructure in China report consists of two parts, with Part 1 mainly introducing the current state of charging infrastructure in China, policy plans, national standards, and the charging products of major charging service operators. In Part 2, we will introduce about 30 brands related to charging products of major EV brands.


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