2023 China Auto Forum: NEV Development Activities and Strategies




2023 China Automotive Forum
2023 China Auto Forum venue

  The 2023 China Auto Forum, organized by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM), was held July 5 through 7 in Shanghai's Jiading District. A total of 18 meetings were arranged, including one closed-door summit, one convention forum, and 16 thematic sessions, attended by representatives of government agencies, industry associations, vehicle and component manufacturers, science and technology companies, universities, and research institutes. More than 200 guests gave presentations and more than 2,000 people attended the event. In addition, 16 automakers (state-owned, privately-owned, and start-up companies) jointly signed a commitment letter for maintaining a fair competition market order in the automotive industry.

  This report introduces excerpts of some of the presentations on the development activities and strategic plans for New Energy Vehicles (NEVs) from thematic session 1 “The 5th Global Auto Technology Leaders' Summit,” session 2 “Strategy Guiding Innovation and Integration,” and session 11 “Green Transformation and Industrial Development”. The speakers were from BYD, FAW Group, GAC Group, TELD, and CAAM.

  BYD presented future development directions in the areas of BEVs, PHEVs, drive batteries and charging. FAW Group introduced the current status of the BEV industry, its development trends, and the implementation of the Hongqi brand’s low-carbon technologies. GAC Group announced the "Trillion GAC 1578 Development Outline" and set its production and sales target of 4.75 million units by 2030. TELD focused on carbon neutrality and virtual power plants through a "charging network + microgrid + energy storage network," while CAAM introduced the development status of FCV industrialization and made proposals related to FCVs.


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