Global Motorcycle Production and Sales: Overview of India, China, and ASEAN

India's production exceeds 19 million units; Share of electric motorcycles grows in China



  This report summarizes production and sales volumes of motorcycles (motorcycles, scooters, etc.) around the world, and provides an overview of major motorcycle producing countries such as India, China, and ASEAN countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

  In 2022, total motorcycle production in the world's major countries is expected to be at the 58 million-unit level (estimated from the statistics of each country). Global demand for motorcycles in 2022 increased by 2.1% year-over-year (y/y) to 49.358 million units (Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. data). Asia grew 0.1% to 35.314 million units, accounting for 71.5% of total demand.

  India's motorcycle production increased 9.2% to 19.46 million units and sales grew 16.9% to 15.86 million units. Although still below 20 million units, the market has recovered from the COVID-19 pandemic and turned to growth from the previous year.

  China's production and sales reached 19 million units, and have been on the rise in recent years. Since the category of electric motorcycles was revised in 2019, there has been a significant increase in sales of electric motorcycles and mopeds.

  While the shift to EVs is progressing in the global automobile market, the electrification of motorcycles, which has a large market in Asia, is also advancing rapidly, and emerging manufacturers are making rapid progress in the electric motorcycles and mopeds market in various countries. Major motorcycle manufacturers are also adding electric models to their lineups, and progress is being made in the battery business and recharging infrastructure, both of which are being promoted by the public and private sectors.

  In September 2022, Honda announced that it will promote the electrification of its motorcycles to achieve carbon neutrality. The company plans to introduce a total of more than 10 new electric models by 2025, aiming to achieve carbon neutrality for all of its motorcycle products during the 2040s.

Motorcycle production volume in five major countries Motorcycle sales volume in five major countries
Motorcycle production volume in five major countries Motorcycle sales volume in five major countries

(Source: Compiled by MarkLines based on statistical data from national automobile industry associations, motorcycle associations, etc.)

Reference data: MarkLines Vehicle Sales Data by model and country
Motorcycles (India, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Singapore, Philippines)


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