Categorization of Electric Motorcycles

Definitions of motorcycles and electric motorcycles



  In recent years, global efforts to reduce CO2 emissions in order to curb global warming have brought about strict emission regulations and a shift to electrification even in the motorcycle industry. With China leading the way, especially in electrification, and many new startups emerging in India, the traditional major motorcycle manufacturers are also beginning to follow suit and introduce electric vehicle models.

  However, under these circumstances there are some things that must be kept in mind when discussing changes in motorcycle production volumes. This is because it is thought that categorizing electric motorcycles as a single category of motorcycles may misrepresent the technological domain of conventional motorcycles and the size of the market for their components. This report will organize the category definitions of electric motorcycles to correctly interpret those statistical data.

  There are various types and displacements of engine-powered motorcycles depending on their intended use, and they continue to evolve to meet the needs of each region, with approximately 60 million units currently produced worldwide every year. On the other hand, 40 million electric motorcycles have already been produced, mainly in China, most of which can be called electric bicycles (EBs), which by no means replace the current engine-equipped vehicles.

  To switch from engine-powered two-wheeled vehicles to electric two-wheeled vehicles, problems such as expensive battery costs, cruising range, and charging time must be overcome, just as with four-wheeled vehicles. Although efforts specific to motorcycles have begun to be explored, it is desirable to develop alternative electric vehicles that match the characteristics of motorcycles.

India Auto Expo 2023 India Auto Expo 2023
Various types of electric two-wheelers were on display at India Auto Expo 2023 (Source: MarkLines photo)


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