Tesla: New Manufacturing Process for Next-generation EVs

From the Tesla Investor Day 2023 "Master Plan 3" presentation



  Tesla's Investor Day 2023 investor briefing was held on March 1, 2023 in Texas, USA. CEO Mr. Elon Musk presented Tesla's future management plan "Master Plan 3", explaining Tesla's ideas and plans for a wide range of issues including energy, environment, resources, technology development, production, and finance.

  Tesla, which is trying to transform from an electric vehicle innovator to a sustainable energy company, discussed its future business plan at the four hour event, including a new manufacturing process for next-generation electric vehicles (EVs), an overview of the new plant in Mexico, powertrains, in-house development of software, the energy business, and more.

Tesla Investor Day Tesla's management plan
Tesla Investor Day
held March 1, 2023
Tesla's Master Plan 3 management plan
Sustainable Energy For All of Earth

(Source: Tesla Investor Day 2023 Keynote)


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