21st CTI Symposium (2): Keeping Pace during Electric Mobility Transformation

Sustainability, Social Responsibility, Energy Revolution, Commercial Vehicle Decarbonization



  The CTI SYMPOSIUM have been established as an annual international meeting place on the latest automotive transmission, hybrid and electric drive technologies in Germany in 2002. Since then, CTI SYMPOSIA have expanded to the USA and China.

  As special features, the CTI SYMPOSIA start off with introductory seminars on the first day and provide the opportunity to experience latest applications of transmissions and drives in practice during the CTI Test Drive in Germany and the US on the last day.

  After a two year break the Symposium was held for the 21st time in Berlin from December 5th until 8th.

  The event, being organized by CTI - Car Training Institute - A division of Euroforum Deutschland GmbH, was accompanied by a large exhibition area with 54 booths of leading automotive suppliers, mineral oil, machinery, testing and engineering companies showing their latest products and solutions.

  Over 700 delegates were offered the opportunity to attend a total of 9 plenary sessions as well as 60 technical presentations, which were held in 12 parallel sessions.

  At the final day the following vehicles could be driven at a dedicated test track in Berlin Brandenburg: Mercedes AMG EQS 53 4Matic, Mercedes AMG GT 63 S E Performance, Nissan Ariya, Toyota Mirai, Opel Astra Sports Tourer 1.6 Turbo Plug-in-Hybrid, Fiat Tipo Station Wagon Cross 1.5 e-Hybrid, Ford Mustang MACH-E.

  The 21st CTI Symposium with the motto “Keeping pace during the transformation towards electric mobility” was opened by Prof.Dr. Küçükay, Chairman of the CTI SYMPOSIUM GERMANY and Sylvia Zenzinger, Conference Director CTI SYMPOSIA Car Training Institute.

  Prof.Dr. Küçükay pointed out that an overall approach is necessary, which means that not only cradle to grave emissions should be considered, but also corporate social responsibility aspects, such as sustainable use of resources, environmental protection, legal compliance, ethics and philanthropy. These aspects were discussed in the final panel discussion of the second day.

Official logo Plenary Session Hall
Official logo (21st CTI Symposium organized by © CTI – Car Training Institute A division of Euroforum Deutschland GmbH) Plenary Session Hall (21st CTI Symposium organized by © CTI – Car Training Institute - A division of Euroforum Deutschland GmbH)

  This report is divided into two parts and summarizes the content of the plenary sessions of the two main days.

  This is Part 2 covering the presentations and panel discussion of the second day.

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