Carbon Neutral Activities of Major European Suppliers

Initiatives by Bosch, ZF, Continental, Schaeffler, Faurecia, and Valeo



  Major European part suppliers are accelerating their efforts to reduce CO2 emissions throughout their supply chains to achieve the EU’s carbon neutrality regulations by 2050 and to meet the OEMs’ requirements for green vehicles or EVs.

ZF becomes more climate-friendly with green electricity
(Source: ZF)

  Each supplier has developed their products and raw materials from reused and recycled material, recovered carbon black (rCB), bio-based material, and green steel. Some suppliers have invested in climate-neutral technologies such as electrification and hydrogen. Some suppliers converted manufacturing facilities to smart factories, applying digital solutions for reduced energy consumption, and using renewable energy from solar panels.

  This report summarizes recent CO2 emission reduction activities of major European part suppliers: Bosch, ZF, Continental, Schaeffler, Faurecia, and Valeo.


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