Subaru: Launches Solterra Global BEV, In-house Production of BEVs by 2025

Expanded adoption of new-generation EyeSight and full inner frame structure



Exterior of Subaru's first global BEV Solterra
Exterior of Subaru's first global BEV Solterra (Source: Subaru Corporation)

  This report focuses on Subaru's model plans, new technologies commonly used in new models, and plans for the in-house production of BEVs.

  Subaru launched it's first global BEV Solterra, co-developed with Toyota, in May 2022. Production and sales were suspended due to a recall, but resumed in October. The Solterra is currently assembled at Toyota's Motomachi Plant, but Subaru plans to produce BEVs at its own plant starting in the mid-2020s. The company will also introduce the next-generation e-BOXER power unit system equipped with the Toyota hybrid system.

  Subaru announced and launched a series of new models in 2021-22, the Legacy Outback, WRX S4, Solterra, Crosstrek, and Impreza.

  These new models feature technologies such as enhanced EyeSight, full inner frame structure, and two-pinion electric power steering, which were first introduced in the Levorg launched in 2020. Subaru continues to uphold its characteristic "Subaru-ness" and spirit of "Enjoyment and Peace of Mind" and is making improvements in line with this direction.

  Subaru's consolidated sales revenue for the April-September period of FY2022 increased 30.5% year-over-year (y/y) to JPY 1.7509 trillion, mainly due to the effect of increased sales due to exchange rate fluctuations and increased sales volume. Operating income more than doubled to JPY 110.4 billion due to an increase in the number of units sold.

  Subaru has revised upward its full-year consolidated earnings forecast for FY2022 from the previous forecast announced in May, expecting its sales revenue to increase by JPY 300 billion to JPY 3.8 trillion yen and its operating income by JPY 100 billion to JPY 300 billion, respectively, taking into account the effects of exchange rate fluctuations, as well as the offsetting of soaring raw material prices to some extent through pricing policies and improving the sales mix.


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