CEATEC 2022: HMI Technology

One step closer to the future; Aerial images flourish



Makuhari Messe, the venue of CEATEC 2022
Makuhari Messe, the venue of CEATEC 2022

  CEATEC 2022 (October 18 to 22, 2022), organized by JEITA (Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association), saw the return of in-person exhibitions in Makuhari for the first time in three years and was held in a hybrid format with online exhibits. Among the many exhibits, this report focuses on technologies related to automotive HMI.

  The major challenges for automotive HMIs (human machine interfaces) today include how to communicate large amounts of information to the driver in the midst of advances in autonomous driving and connected technologies, how the driver can operate complex functions, and how systems can understand and assist the driver's condition. This report focuses on exhibited technologies that provide hints for solving these issues.

  As for information displays, two-dimensional flat displays are approaching their limits in terms of both size and resolution. Therefore, aerial image technology that displays images in mid-air is attracting attention, but in the past it has not reached a practical level. There were several interesting proposals for aerial imaging, and attendees could see its potential for the future (although there is still much work to be done to utilize the technology in automobiles). Non-contact operation, which has been actively exhibited for several years, was also on display, but it was felt that there was a need for further ingenuity in applying it to automobiles.

  On the other hand, information presentation using the sense of touch can be considered as a way of presenting information other than through visual means, and it was felt that haptic technology is steadily evolving to intuitively convey information to people using vibrations. Human sensing technology has also advanced greatly with the development of various sensors and analysis technologies, and occupant monitoring using such technology is also a major trend.

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