Compact Electric Mobility Utilizing Swappable Battery Packs and Motorcycle Electrification

Seminar presentations by Honda and Kawasaki - Rechargeable Battery Expo, Smart Energy Week 2022



Swappable battery pack Honda Mobile Power Pack e: and Honda Mobile Power Pack (MPP) Exchanger e:
Swappable battery pack Honda Mobile Power Pack e: and MPP Exchanger e:
(photo taken by MarkLines at the Smart Energy Week 2022 Honda booth)

  At the Smart Energy Week 2022 International Rechargeable Battery EXPO, held at the Tokyo Big Sight convention and exhibition center in March 2022, Honda R&D and Kawasaki Motors gave presentations in the "Electric Commercial Vehicles and e-Mobility" session of the Smart Energy Week 2022 Int’l Rechargeable Battery EXPO technical seminar. This report introduces the contents of these presentations.

  Mr. Jun Iwamoto, Head of MPP Development Innovative Research Excellence, Power Unit & Energy, Honda R&D Co., Ltd. gave a presentation entitled "The Popularization and Spread of Small Electric Mobility," introducing the development status of swappable battery packs for compact mobility, as well as battery sharing services and demonstration projects. In the future, he said the company hoped to increase the number of partners, expand the scale and scope of its business, and link it to the use of renewable energy and the effective utilization of resources.

  Mr. Yoshimoto Matsuda, Associate Corporate Officer, Deputy General Manager, Motorcycle Business Div., Deputy General Manager, Research & Development Div., Kawasaki Motors, Ltd. as well as Associate Corporate Officer, Deputy Director, Presidential Project Management Div., Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd. gave a presentation entitled "The Electrification of Motorcycles". He also gave an overview of EV research vehicles during the 2010-2012 timeframe. While electrification is appropriate for small-displacement commuter two-wheelers, it is difficult to completely electrify large motorcycles. In light of this, the shift to HEVs from mid-range displacement models is considered a realistic solution, leaving ICE-equipped models for high-output models that are more hobbyist oriented.


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