EV battery technologies on thermal management, materials, and solid state batteries

From presentations given at the Battery Show and EV Tech Digital Days 2021



Promotion poster
Promotion poster (The Battery Show & EV Tech Digital Days, organized by Informa Markets - Engineering)

  The Battery & EV Tech Europe Digital Days 2021 was organized by Informa Markets - Engineering and took place from 18-20 May, 2021.

  Due to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic crisis, the battery show & EV Tech was held virtually for the second year in row. Whereas last year only the third day was dedicated to trends in Europe, this years' conference and exhibition was completely dedicated to the European market.

  The event gives an insight in the latest research and development status of battery materials and technologies. Cradle-to-grave sustainability, thermal management, range extension and fast charging were a major topics.

  Furthermore, there were some interesting panel discussions on hot topics like long-term availability of raw materials, the feasibility of solid state batteries and whether to reuse or recycle old batteries.

  The current immense growth of HEV, PHEV and BEV is mainly driven by the CO2 emission regulation. In order to avoid expensive penalties, OEMs are forced to invest a lot of money in electrification. Also in future, regulations will definitely have a great impact on the development of EV and battery technology.

  This digital event offered a total of 50 sessions, around 200 virtual booths could be visited and the total number of participants was said to be over three thousand.

  Informa Markets - Engineering is planning to have face-to-face conferences and exhibitions again soon:

  The total event report is divided into three parts and looks at some selected presentations and panel debates.

  The first part covers the current trends in the EV market and battery production and gives an insight in what is expected in the future.

  The second part gives an outlook on the EV technology development status of OEMs and suppliers.

  This is the last part, which highlights latest battery technology trends.

Battery Show and EV Tech Digital Days 2021 reports:
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