The Battery Show & EV Tech Digital Days 2020

Summary of some presentations of a digital conference - European centric 3rd day



Frontend of the digital conference and expo
Frontend of the digital conference and expo environment for participants (The Battery Show & EV Tech Digital Days 2020)

  On November 10-12, 2020 The Battery Show & EV Tech Digital Days was run for the first time as a virtual conference and exhibition due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation. In the past the event was run twice per year as a conference with a co-located expo in Novi, Michigan, USA (Battery Show North America in September) and Stuttgart, Germany (Battery Show Europe in May). The 2020 event combined both regions and lasted three days with the 3rd day concentrating on European topics.

  The overall content was looking at the latest developments in the field of battery systems, architectures, components and materials, at innovations for manufacturing and testing, at thermal management and recycling aspects, and at hybrid and electric vehicle technologies. Main drivers for innovations are the fight against global warming and the need to decarbonize transport and other industries, to lower cost for a faster transformation towards electro-mobility, and the CO2 footprint related to a sustainable battery production. The virtual event offered technical sessions, panel discussions, workshops, product demos and more. The virtual booths allowed companies to provide the access to information about products and services, as well as to downloadable material. Communication and virtual networking in the whole digital environment was possible through a chat function.

  This digital event offered a total of 95 sessions of which 24 were related to the European region and led to a registration of over 6,000 people from around the world.

  Plans for 2021 are to have again face-to-face conferences and exhibitions:

  This report is looking at some selected presentations from the European-centric third day. It covers projections for the battery market, a powerful, low-cost alternative to Li-ion cells, European manufacturing plans of four companies, and an insight in a highly integrated EV thermal management system.


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