Electric Powertrain Market Forecast in Major Countries

Technologies and future regulatory and market trends for eco-friendly vehicles by region



  This report focuses on environmentally-friendly technologies and future trends of passenger cars, presenting graphs for each of the world’s major markets showing the ratio of electrified and internal-combustion engine vehicles, as well as the characteristics of electrification in each market.

  While high-powered systems are becoming the global standard for hybrid vehicles, the number of 48V mild hybrids, which suppress increases in vehicle prices, is also increasing rapidly. However, Japanese hybrid vehicles differ from these global trends in that fuel-efficient systems have become the norm in line with the Japan domestic market environment.
  Against the background of increasingly stringent emission regulations, the number of electrified vehicles being introduced in the market is increasing, especially in Europe and China.


Powertrain composition ratio prediction for global light vehicle sales

(LMC Automotive, Jul. 2020)

Powertrain composition ratio prediction
PFCEV: Plug-in fuel cell electric vehicle PHEV: Plug-in hybrid electric vehicle
FCEV: Fuel cell electric vehicle FHEV: Full hybrid electric vehicle
EREV: Extended range electric vehicle MHEV(48V): Mild hybrid electric vehicle (48V)
BEV: Battery electric vehicle MHEV: Mild hybrid electric vehicle
IC Only: Internal combustion only

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