China Energy-saving Vehicle & NEV Roadmap 2.0: Curbing Carbon Emissions for a Green Society

By 2035, more than 50% of sales will be NEVs, all conventional energy passenger cars will be HVs.




  According to the announcement by the China Automobile Manufacturers Association (CAAM) on April 9, 2021, NEV sales in March increased by 247.4% from the same month of the previous year to 216,000 units. Sales volume for the January-March period increased 318.6% year-over-year (y/y) to 533,000 units. In the last few years, emerging EV automakers that manufacture electrified models have been established one after another, and existing OEMs have also introduced electrified models. Intensifying competition between companies has forced some manufacturers to withdraw from the market.

  In October 2016, the China Society of Automotive Engineering (China-SAE) published the “Energy-saving and New Energy Vehicles Technology Roadmap 1.0" (hereinafter referred to as Roadmap 1.0), which outlined the development direction of electrification in China. In September 2017, the "Method for Simultaneous Management of Passenger Car Company Average Fuel Economy and New Energy Vehicle Credits" was promulgated, requiring all companies manufacturing passenger cars to set annual fuel economy targets and manufacture (or import) a certain number of NEVs. A revised version was announced in 2020.

  In late October 2020, “Energy-saving and New Energy Vehicles Technology Roadmap 2.0" (hereinafter referred to as "Roadmap 2.0") was announced by the China Society of Automotive Engineers. This roadmap was commissioned by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) of China, and revised and compiled by more than 1,000 experts across the industry and organized by the China Society of Automotive Engineers (China-SAE), presenting the development direction of energy-saving and new energy vehicles (NEVs) in China's automotive industry until 2035. This report covers a portion of the details concerning Roadmap 2.0.

2025 2030 2035
China production and sales volumes (year) 32 million 38 million 40 million
NEV 20% or more 40% or more 50% or more
Percentage of BEVs 90% or more 93% or more 95% or more
2025 2030 2035
Percentage of conventional energy passenger car HVs 50% - 60% 75% - 85% 100%


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