SAE China 2020 (1): Human-Machine Interaction in Connected Cars

Huawei's new in-vehicle communications and Changan's human factors engineering in connected cars



SAECCE 2020 Automotive Human-Machine Interaction Technology Forum

  The annual Conference and Exhibition of the China Automotive Engineering Society (SAECCE 2020) was held at the Shanghai Automobile Exhibition Center from October 27th to 29th, 2020. The total number of visitors exceeded 25,000, embodying the potential and vision of the coordinated development of automotive intelligent network technology and new energy technology.

  With the development of 5G technology, the Internet of Everything (IoE) is becoming even more advanced. 5G and technologies such as big data, AI, cloud computing, and autonomous driving are deeply integrated to provide users with a wider range of usage scenarios and comprehensive support for scenario design and entirely new experiences of automotive human-machine interaction. Human-machine interaction with big data and AI technologies is increasingly gaining attention from researchers. The SAECCE 2020 Automotive Human-Machine Interaction Technology Subcommittee held a keynote technical session on the current mainstream technologies and the latest development trends under the theme of "New Experience of Human-Machine Interaction under the IoE" by academia and industry experts. This report briefly introduces the presentations given by experts from Huawei and Changan Automobile.

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