Automotive World 2018: Joining of dissimilar materials, high function plastics exhibition

Multi-materialization, resin molding processing for EVs and autonomous driving



 At the Automotive World 2018 exhibition (January 17-19, 2018, Tokyo Big Sight), material manufacturers, processing manufacturers, processing machinery makers, parts manufacturers, and trading companies showcased a rich variety of products and technologies, including many electrification and automated driving related exhibits.

 As electric vehicles (EVs) grow in number, the need for weight reduction (lightweighting) is increasing due to the increasing weight of secondary batteries used as a power source. Moreover, as electrification and automated driving continue to be promulgated, components that consume more power will also come into increasing use, and this will result in the need for lightweighting as a countermeasure for energy conservation. To respond to these demands, the use of plastics that have low specific gravity and light metals is increasing, and among these, multi-materials created through dissimilar metals bonding are attracting attention recently as a lightweighting solution. At this year’s Automotive World, an exhibition zone was set up for dissimilar material joining and bonding, and companies showcased lightweight materials that combine the workability properties of plastics and mechanical strength properties of metals.



 Following the previous report on CFRP components/plastic molding technologies exhibition, and with support from Mr. Takeo Yasuda, head of the Yasuda Polymer Research Institute, this report will cover the exhibition of technologies for dissimilar materials joining, plastics for electrification, automated driving, and various uses of high performance plastics.


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