Nissan Note (Versa Note) Teardown (Part 1)

Major safety technology and advanced driver assistance systems



Nissan Note
The Nissan Note on display at
Nissan Global Headquarters Gallery
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 The Nissan Note teardown was conducted at the Benchmarking Center of the Hiroshima Prefectural Technology Research Institute in Kure City, Hiroshima, Japan. The event was organized by the Automotive Technology Innovation Center of the Hiroshima Industrial Promotion Organization. The X DIG-S grade Nissan Note was used in the benchmarking event. It had an Around View Monitor with a Moving Object Detection (MOD) function.

 The first day of the event, August 22, 2014, was spent for preliminary bulk disassembly and detail teardown was conducted on August 25 through 27. Nearly all components were dismantled during the bulk disassembly. The engine and supercharger were disassembled during the detail teardown.

 This first report contains a list of suppliers of main components and introduces major safety technology and advanced driver assistance systems that are adopted in the Nissan Note. The Lane Departure Warning (that uses a multi-sensing front-mounted camera to monitor the frontal view) and emergency braking are among the advanced driver assistance systems. Safety technology includes the Around View Monitor with MOD function that uses four wide angle cameras to monitor the vehicle's surroundings.

 Teardown of the engine, supercharger and other drive units will be reported in Nissan Note Teardown (Part 2).

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