Beijing Auto Show 2014: Big Five state-owned Chinese OEMs

24 models displayed by SAIC, Dongfeng, FAW, Changan, and BAIC Motor




 The 2014 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition was held in April 2014. This fourth report for the Auto Show describes details of the all-new vehicles that were exhibited by "Big Five" state-owned automakers in China that carry their own brands. Please see the other reports listed below for the exhibits by Chinese joint ventures with foreign automakers.
 The 24 new own-brand models were exhibited by SAIC Motor Corporation (SAIC), Dongfeng Motor Corporation (Dongfeng Motor), First Automobile Works Group (FAW), Changan Automobile Group, and Beijing Automotive (BAIC Group). The exhibited models included 6 green cars (hybrid, plug-in hybrid (PHV), electric(EV), and fuel-cell vehicles (FCV)) as well as 18 gasoline-fueled vehicles.

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A list of all-new models (including green cars) exhibited at the Beijing Auto Show 2014 by top-five state-owned automakers in China

OEM Local production
OEMs and brands
Models Notes
(●stands for a concept car,
▲stands for an environmentally-
friendly vehicle)
Passenger Vehicle
Roewe: W5 Urban Concept
            950 FCV ●▲
Commercial Vehicle
Maxus: G10 Flagship To be released in Apr. 2014
           V80 Hybrid (PHV)
Motor Corporation
Passenger Vehicle
Dongfeng (Fengshen Series): AX7 To be released in 2014
                            L60 Concept
                            A60-EV (EV)
Dongfeng: Dongfeng No. 1 Concept
Dongfeng Liuzhou
Dongfeng (Future series): Jingyi S50 To be released in Aug. 2014
FAW Group FAW Car FAW (Hongqi Series): L5 To be released in Apr. 2014
FAW (Besturn Series): X80 To be released at the end of 2014
                            π Besturn Concept
FAW (Oley Series): EV 2box                            ▲
On trial sales
Tianjin FAW Xiali
FAW: T012 (tentative name: "Junpai") To be released in about Jul. 2014
Changan Automobile Changan: All-new Benni To be released in Mar. 2014
              CS75 To be released in Apr. 2014
              Eado EV                             ▲
To be released in 2014
BAIC Group BAIC Motor Beijing (Senova series): D50 To be released in Apr. 2014
                                   D60 AERO To be released by the end of 2015
Beijing: 2nd-generation E150 EV
BAW Beijing (BAW series): BJ100 Concept
                   BJ80 To be released in the second half of 2015
                   BJ40 BJ40 (5-door model) To be released in 2014
Beiqi Foton Motor Foton: all-new View G7 To be released in Apr. 2014
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