Honda Accord Hybrid teardown (Part 2)

Sport Hybrid i-MMD Battery components and electric servo brake system



Lithium-ion battery pack being torn down
Lithium-ion battery pack removed at the teardown
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 The teardown of the Honda Accord Hybrid was conducted  in January 2014 by the Automotive Technology Innovation Center of the Hiroshima Industrial Promotion Organization. The disassembled Power Control Unit (PCU) and chassis components were reported in the following first report:

Previous report:
Honda Accord Hybrid teardown (Part 1) (Feb. 2014)

This second report highlights the lithium-ion battery pack and the Intelligent Power Unit (IPU: a collective term of Honda's battery pack components), located in the trunk behind the rear seats. The report also presents the electric servo brake system that increases the efficiency of recovering regenerative energy. The teardown of the drive unit will be reported shortly in the coming third report.

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