Honda introduces three types of HV; Mitsubishi shows EV-derived PHV

Nissan/Honda/Mitsubishi/Suzuki produce diverse HV/PHV/EV options



 Reported below are the recent and planned launches of hybrid vehicles (HV), plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHV) and electric vehicles (EV) by Nissan Motor Company, Honda Motor Company, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation and Suzuki Motor Corporation.The simplified HV system called "Smart Simple Hybrid" on Nissan Serena and the micro hybrid system "ENE-CHARGE" developed by Suzuki are also reported.

Acura NSX Concept
Acura NSX Concept with three motor HV system by Honda
(at 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show)
Outlander PHEV
EV-derived PHV Outlander by Mitsubishi
(at 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show)
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