IAA Frankfurt Auto Show 2013 (1): BMW, VW, Daimler

Attention shifted to electric cars with the BMW i, VW e-up!, and M-Benz S-Class PHV




Daimler's exhibition hall on first press day
Daimler's exhibition hall

 IAA 65 Frankfurt Auto Show 2013 was held at Messe Frankfurt from September 12 to 22 (Press days: September 10 and 11 ). This is the first of three-part series of MarkLines' reports covering exhibition by each OEM. The following is the first report that summarizes the details of three Germany-based OEMs, VW, BMW, and Daimler. All three OEMs showcased production models of their EVs and PHVs. BMW exhibited production models, the EV i3 and the PHV i8, from its new i brand. VW and Daimler showcased EV/PHVs version of their existing models. VW premiered the e- up! and the e-Golf, Daimler also displayed a PHV version of the S-Class and an EV version of the B-Class.

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