JSAE Automotive Engineering Exposition 2013: OEMs

Toyota, Nissan, Honda, and Subaru exhibit new hybrid vehicles and a variety of safety features



 The report below is a summary of exhibits by Japanese OEMs at the 2013 Automotive Engineering Exposition held in Yokohama on May 22-24, 2013. A record of 475 companies including OEMs and suppliers (up 39 companies year-on-year) participated in this exposition. The number of visitors also marked a record high to about 78,000 (announced by the organizer, up 6,000 year-on-year), making it a huge success.

 Many exhibits by OEM were related to, electrification technologies for hybrid and electric vehicles: a prototype of Subaru XV HYBRID launched this summer, Honda 2-motor hybrid system, a cutaway model of Toyota Crown HV, and the new powertrain of Nissan Leaf EV. In addition, as a special event, Nissan and Honda exhibited ultra compact EVs.

 This year, there were many exhibits concerning weight reduction technology that uses steel and safety technology. Concerning weight reduction, Nissan unveiled the white body that uses 1.2GPa ultra high tensile strength sheet of the Infiniti Q50. Honda exhibited a front sub-frame that welds steel and aluminum through Friction Stir Welding.

 As for safety technology, exhibits included Toyota's Pop-up hood mounted on Toyota New Crown, Daihatsu's first crash-avoidance system, the "Smart Assist" for mini vehicles, and Mazda's "i-ACTIVSENSE," which is equipped in more than 60% of the new Mazda6.

 Subaru (Fuji Heavy Industries) improved fuel economy of the Subaru XV Hybrid, combining its hybrid system with a cruise control system of driving assist system, the "Eyesight."

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