Shanghai Motor Show 2013 (3): Seven major US and European OEMs

30 new models premiered from GM/Ford/Chrysler/VW/PSA/BMW/Daimler



 This is a MarkLines' report on covering exhibits by three US OEMs - GM/Ford/Chrysler - and four European OEMs-VW/PSA/BMW/Daimler (including the Denza brand, that was jointly developed with BYD) at the 2013 Shanghai Motor Show (The 15th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition).

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Main new models exhibited by seven major US and European OEMs at the 2013 Shanghai Motor Show

OEM New model
New-energy vehicle
(new model only)
GM * Chevrolet Cruze 2box
* new Cadillac XTS, CTS Coupe, ATS
* Chevrolet Sail SPRINGO (EV)
* new Buick Riviera (PHV)
Ford * Ford Escort concept, all-new Mondeo
Chrysler * Jeep Ziyouguang, new Grand Cherokee SRT8
VW * VW Gran Lavida, Sagitar GLI, all-new Jetta
* Skoda Rapid
* Audi A3 3box, new S3 sport
* VW CrossBlue Coupe (PHV), CrossBlue (PHV), E-Lavida (EV), XL1 (PHV), VW PHV concept car
PSA * Citroen all-new Elysee
* DS 5
* Peugeot new 301
* DS Wild Rubis (PHV)
* Peugeot Hybrid Air cut-model
BMW * BMW Concept X4
Daimler Group * Mercedes-Benz Concept GLA * Denza 2box (EV)
Note:1. Models include new concept cars and new models launched in January 2013 and later
* The following abbreviations are used in this report.
"EV": "Battery Electric Vehicle"
"HV": "Hybrid Electric Vehicle"
"PHV": "Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle"
"REEV": "Range-Extended Electric Vehicle"
"GDI": "Gasoline Direct Injection"
"ISG": "Integrated Starter Generator"
"BSG": "Belt Driven Starter Generator"
"TCI": "Turbo Charging with Inter-cooling"
"DVVT": "Dual Variable Valve Timing"
 2. In this report, a standard charging or a standard household charging means recharging from a 220V outlet.
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