Nissan Leaf teardown (Part 3): body cutaway

Reducer, inverter, electrically-controlled brake and HVAC systems are highlighted



 One of the main events of the Saitama Institute of Automotive Technology's campus festival, held October 27-28, was the display of the Nissan Leaf's cutaway model by the engineering students (the vehicle itself is owned by the Saitama Automotive Industry Support Center and was offered to the Institute for the occasion). The display presented more details about the Leaf's key components than we were able to get from its disassembly earlier as described in MarkLines report posted in September.

 The latest disassembly is reported below as Nissan Leaf Teardown (Part 3): body cutaway. It includes photos of components as incorporated in the cutaway model and those that have been removed and disassembled.

 The red paint identifies the separation (cut) line and the blue identifies water storage or channel.

Earlier reports:  Nissan Leaf Teardown (Part 2): Main components disassembled (posted in September 2012)
Nissan Leaf Teardown (Part 1) (posted in March 2012)

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